Select the Right Page Combination for your Site
Page Layouts Available for Small Websites (Up To 4 Pages)
Selecting Your Page Layouts

Consider the amount of text, the number of images/ links and the different categories they fall into.
Do you need a separate 'contact Us' page? Legal Disclaimer? Testimonials? Sales pages for different item categories?
... Or you can leave it to AdExtend to arrange your material in the most effective and user friendly method that our experience has taught us.

Each Small Page may contain up to:

Title, Subtitle
6 clickable images or links (Including banner or logo)
.. - Small Picture Album page may include up to 9 pictures, but no links, buttons or text except picture titles.
Text - up to 500 words
.. - Text length restriction does not apply to 'Text Only' pages if the text is PRETYPED

Small Intro Page A Small Intro Page B Small Intro Page C Small Picture Album

Small Catalogue Page A Small Catalogue Page B Text Only Page
Text Only Page

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