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What's Next
Send us the material for your website by mail or e-mail with any design notes or instructions that could help us design the site to your satisfaction.

Once your payment is received (cleared for online bank account payments), we will call you to verify your contact information as it is intended to be posted on your website before starting work on your site.

We will post your site on the web within 24 hours of contact information verification. Once the site is posted you will be notified.

Take the time to review your new website as soon as you can, so you can inform us of any mistakes or adjustments you would like us to perform. Such corrections and adjustments are free of charge for 24 hours after your site posts.
Hosting Duration

How long would you need your website to be online?
Your first week is FREE.

The deadline for hosting extensions is 24 hours before the site is scheduled to be taken off-line. Click here to purchase more hosting time or to subscribe for Discounted monthly subscription.

Good Luck

We wish you the best of luck reaching your communication, advertising or marketing goals with the website you have just purchased. Make sure you advertise your site well and direct online traffic to it.

NOTE: AdExtend does not direct or limit traffic to websites it designed or hosts, and is not responsible any outcome from posting the site on the Internet.

Anything Else?

The following services can be added to your site anytime:

Site on CD - we'll send you a CD with your entire site on it for safe keeping or for future reference.

Counter - Placed at the button of your page. This little Website Traffic device can count visitors or pageloads, and will enable us to provide you with traffic reports to your site.

Reports - Using the information gathered by your counter we can send you daily, weekly monthly or one time reports so you can monitor the effectiveness of you paper ad or other marketing devices in sending traffic to your site..

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