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About Your Subscription
If you subscribed for periodic reports, you should receive your fist report within 24 hours*. The report will be sent to your e-mail address on record unless you requested a different delivery method. The report will cover a period of up to one month or since your counter has been embedded in your site, whichever is shorter.
If you subscribed for online hosting, your hosting subscription period will start at the end of your one week free hosting granted to new websites or the end of your existing prepaid hosting period. If your site is due to be removed within less than 48 hours (past the deadline for extensions) or your site has already been removed, please contact our hosting department to ensure your site remains active or is reloaded. Site Reload fee will be applied for sites that have already been removed.
If you subscribed for oversized files / site, your subscription period will start at the end of your existing prepaid oversized hosting period.

Anything Else?

The following services can be added to your site anytime:

Site on CD - we'll send you a CD with your entire site on it for safe keeping or for future reference.

Counter - Placed at the button of your page. This little Website Traffic device can count visitors or pageloads, and will enable us to provide you with traffic reports to your site.

Reports - Using the information gathered by your counter we can send you daily, weekly monthly or one time reports so you can monitor the effectiveness of you paper ad or other marketing devices in sending traffic to your site.

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