Ever paid for a newspaper ad that didn't sell?
This time make it work - add pictures, text and more...

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Who Can AdExtend

Anyone with an Ad in a newspaper can benefit from Extending it with a website: People engaged in one-time sale (cars, puppies, antiques, household appliances, furniture), Not for profit organizations (fund raising campaigns, club activities, school projects, team schedule) and small businesses. It is ideal for Resume, photo albums, event announcements and more.

Examples of recent AdExtensions - Websites by AdExtend

How It Works

While the ad you post in the paper is limited in size and content type, your website isn't. And while drawing traffic to a website on the Internet alone can be expensive and difficult, a newspaper ad reaches your local newspaper's whole readership.
All you need to do then, is to direct the newspaper readers to your website to maximize your marketing effectiveness.

Link to your favorite stores and earn money!
Your Own Website

You don't need:
Commercial web hosting
* Web design capabilities
Internet connection
a computer
Just send us your material and we'll do the rest.


For as little as $35 per page* we'll design and post your website,
We'll host your website FOR FREE for the first week, each additional week for only $7, or $15 / month***.


Your site will be posted online and ready for review within 24 hours**. For the following 24** hours we'll correct the site as needed with no additional charge.

Site Before Ad
Some newspapers may insist on viewing your site and confirming your contact information before printing your ad. Check your newspaper's requirements and time your online and paper posting wisely.

Clickable Ad
A string of vague acronyms
Lab Puppies AKC, OFA, Hunt/Pet qual. born 4/17/04 Dewclawed, 3 B/M, 2 B/F, 3 Y/M, 2 Y/F, 1 C/F, 1st Vac. dewormed x2. Vet. OK, 1 year wrrt. Dam on loc. grt dogs well loved $500 (dep. $100)
(999) 999-9999
Or an edge over the competition

Sample Sites
Lab Puppies AKC, OFA, $500
info: AdExtend.com/blondie
(999) 999-9999
Board Blondie for one month
info: AdExtend.com/board_me
(999) 999-9999
Click here for a complete AdExtend created website list
Sites linked-to in this section are examples only and no longer contain valid contact information
How It Works
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* May vary depending on page contents and site size. Please refer to our price list and Site Size and Type sections.
** Excluding weekends and holidays, Please read our How To Order section for more information.
*** $13 / month with monthly subscription, otherwise $15 / month.

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