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Looking for More Flexibility?

If you do not need all the services offered with our packages, or can not find a package that suits your needs, you may design the layout of your website on your own, and select only the services you require.

Below is a comparison of the 3 page categories AdExtend offers and a link to the page catalogue of each category. You may select any number of pages of any category to make up your website.

Just as with our Packages, Page Picked websites are designed and posted within 24 hours* of receipt of your information, material and payment, and are hosted for free for one week.

Do you need even greater flexibility? Design your own layout !!! - Send us your design by mail or fax and we'll make your web page according to your design**

What is NOT Included
Page Picked websites do not include the services that accompany our packages, such as:
Scanning, optimizing and resizing your image
E-mail accounts

Images and files to be included in Page Picked sites have to be prepared for posting on the web and conform to the approved file formats for the web:
Images have to be in GIF or JPG format, 72dpi, up to 400 square pix and preferable in web-safe colors.

Picture scanning, optimizing and resizing service is available for Page Picked sites in our Graphic Services section. E-mail accounts and other website add-ons can be found in our Website Services section.

  Small Page $35
500 words
  Medium Page $45
1000 words
  Large Page $55
Unlimited (pretyped)
  Click a Page Size to Order
Check out our Graphic Services section for quotes and information regarding AdExtend's full range Graphic Services
More information regarding Shopping Carts, Forms Databases or any other Website Services please visit our Website Services Section
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* Estimate only, 24 hours or one business day, excluding custom designed pages and large websites over 8 pages, or websites containing form or custom scripting.
** Custom Web Design fee may apply, please contact us for more information.

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