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To sell online you need the ability to process payments and receive your money in return for your products / services.
While it is possible to accept checks, cash and money orders off-line for products ordered online, most online shoppers prefer to pay online.

There are numerous payment processing services available, many offer credit card payment processing to businesses, and there are many "shopping cart" or purchase buttons and scripts that can be used with them.

Please consult with AdExtend regarding technical compatibility of the services you would like to use before committing to using specific gateways or shopping tools.

Online Order Forms for Off-line payment

If you choose to restrict the payment methods you accept to off-line (check, cash or money orders) you can receive your online orders via E-mail form, which sends the buyer to a "Thank You" page after the form is filled.
Information entered in a form and emailed to the site owner can contain numerous items specifying the purchased item.

Form and script set-up with 3 fields
Price: $55

Additional Form Field
Price: $10
Shopping Carts, "Buy Now" Buttons & Payment Processing

AdExtend can equip your website with most of the commonly used purchase and payment services. .

The following prices apply to AdExtend's assistance and installation of PayPal account, purchase and payment buttons and functions. If you wish to use other purchasing and payment services please contact us to verify compatibility and installation costs.

Account Setup Assistance
AdExtend's fee for assistance in Account Setup depends on the account type, your banking capabilities and the amount of assistance you require.
Price Range: $20 - $125
Please Contact Us for exact quote

"Add to Cart" Button
In addition to Cart and Checkout Installation

One Button
Price: $20

10 Buttons
Price: $100
Shopping Cart & Checkout
Setup and Installation
with unlimited duplicate "View Cart" buttons
Price: $75

"Buy Now" or "Subscribe" Button
Does not require a Shopping Cart
One Button
Price: $25

10 Buttons
Price: $110
Sign up for PayPal and start accepting credit card payments instantly.
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