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Size and Organization Matter

Click on the Site Packages tab to the left to compare AdExtend's Packages of 1, 4, 7 and 11 pages, or build your own site picking the pages that best suit your purpose from our Page Catalogues to form a Page Picked Site.
Whichever whey you choose to construct your site, take the time to prepare:

What to include?

Consider your Website as a store front, multimedia presentation or automated agent.
Consider your site visitors as store walk-ins or audience.
Then compile your website material which may include:
. . . - introduction
. . . - testimonials
. . . - directions
. . . - prices
. . . - hours of operation
. . . - Pictures (Store front, items, Yourself - if relevant)
. . . - disclaimers
. . . - contact Information - A MUST !
. . . - policies (return, privacy etc.)
. . . - Items for Sale - one by one, and be specific.
. . . - Shopping Buttons
. . . - Interactive Forms (Questionnaires, Feedback, E-mail reservations form)
In short - anything that would be useful in reaching your website objectives.

TIP - when writing your copy try to use your website's keywords in high frequency throughout your website.

How much material to post?
All that you need, but not too much. Remember that unless your objective is academic or literary, your site visitors are not likely to read more than a few paragraphs.
Include a picture of each product you sell, your store front or a picture of yourself when credibility and personal contact are relevant.

A picture is worth 1,000 words.

How to arrange it?
Experience has shown that visitors are more likely to stay longer, return or respond to a website if it is well organized:
Divide your material to Single Subject pages
Group your pages into relevant categories
A home page of larger sites is very often an extended business card - eye pleasing, inviting, short and to the point.
Place relevant pictures where they belong.

A well organized website is worth 1,000,000.

What's It Gonna Do?

Websites usually perform one or more of the following functions:
. . . - Educate, Advertise or Promote

. . . - Items, Services or Information

Collect Information
. . . - Survey, Opt-in/out or Feedback

AdExtend offers Website Services to meet most common website functions, and most of those can be purchased as Add-Ons for your Website Package, or your Page Picked Website
Among the services and functions AdExtend offers are:
Counters, E-mail Accounts, Feedback Forms, Sale 5and Donation functions, message boards, log-in functions and Datasbases
Visit our E-commerce Page for suggestions and offers for E-commerce Sites.

Do It With Style !
An eye pleasing and easy to read site works better!

Select from AdExtend's range of popular styles or direct us to an example of a style you like. Custom graphics, your Logo, pictures and any other graphic component can be added or produced by AdExtend to be included in your website.

AdExtend offers a full range of custom graphic products to suit your needs - from single banner, logo or button, to full page interface and interactive or animated graphic component.

The sky (and budget) is the limit.

Visit our Graphic Services Section for more information.
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