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Counters & Reports

Is your marketing strategy working? Is your paper ad effective? does it direct enough traffic to your web site? How many people view your site each day?
An important marketing tool is a hit /visitor counter and traffic reports based on those counters. AdExtend offers third party* visible or invisible counters for hit or visitor counts and mailed, E-mailed or faxed report graphs.


Continuous monitoring of traffic to your site can be easily achieved with periodic reports - use our report subscription for your convenience.
AdExtend can not produce reports without counters placed on at least one page in a site and will not gather nor disclose IP or other specific visitor information.

Subscription payments are handled separately from your shopping cart.

Pageload Counter set-up fee
Price: $15 per page

Visitor Counter set-up fee
Price: $15 per page
One-time Report
Price: $5 per report

Daily Report Subscription
Price $4.50 / day
Minimum 7 days

Weekly Report Subscription
Price: $4.50 / week
Minimum four weeks

Monthly Report Subscription
Price: $4.50 / month
Minimum 3 months
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*currently StatCounter.com

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