Sir - Zephyr Mahonri
Owner :
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A word from Zephyr's Owner:
"A little about Zeph, he is a pure bred lab and comes from a long line of great hunters. He is five years old and a great hunter and family dog. One of the things I like the best about him is that he is very obedient and mellow.
He has the most calm disposition of any dog I have ever known. He is a also a great guard dog and never barks unless there is a real problem.
I also love his size, he has a heart as big as his head. He has the English stock look, a big blocky head that everyone seems to love. When I hunt with him he is so powerful and amazing to watch, he also has a great nose, and picks up bird scent in the deepest brush. Another note is he has sired three other litters and all the buyers of the puppies have been very happy with them. "
And another word...
had the pleasure of meeting Zephyr and was impressed by his even temper. Knowing the breed and this individual dog I wasn't concerned when my 2yo, whose nose was level with Zeph's and only inches away, was hand feeding this large dog with confidence on their first meeting.


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